Sunday, November 7, 2010

Air Travel Rants!

Okay, so having just been on a plane trip to DC and to Huntsville, I figured I'd share some of my thoughts on air travel and airplane ettiquette.  Let me know what you all think.

First off, what's up with everyone reclining seats?  Leg room is limited enough as it is and the tight space is vertigo-enducing for me.  Does leaning the seat back just a touch really make things more comfortable for people?  I have a bad back, and if I leaned my seat back, that would be a less comfortable position for me.  And is it worth making the person behind you miserable?  To which you might be wondering why I don't just tell the person in front of me not to recline.  Well, I'm a wimp and don't want to start a fight.  Plus, do you think the person in front of me would really put the seat back upright?  I might have some more respect if the person in front of me asked before reclining, but that has never happened to me.

Another thing.  Does the airline industry not realize the problems they've caused by introducing baggage fees?  Now everyone (not me, though) takes their ridiculously large luggage onto the plane and makes it take much longer to load and unload the plane, as well as creates a safety hazard for tumbling heavy luggage.  Airlines are just another example of businesses putting greed before customer service.  What I think businesses don't realize is that they'll make more money with good customer service, especially in these days with the consumer having more power.  Just look at the United guitar guy.

Another rant.  Why do so few people look out the window on a plane?  I am always in awe of the beauty that I see from the air and love flying for this reason.  It just seems that so many people don't appreciate the beauty that exists all around us.  There could be a spectacular glaciated mountain out the window, and people will just shut the shade.  I don't know what it is.  Maybe part of it is all the technology these days having desensitized people to the beauty of nature.  Or maybe most people are just robots.

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  1. I am also window person who disapproves of recliners. However, I tell myself that some of those who recline and/or don't look outside may be flying three or four days a week and either totally bored and disgusted with it all or so tired that airplanes are the only place they sleep. This is probably not usually the case, but it helps to keep me from getting angry. Where luggage is concerned, the charges have also created blocked cabin doors when exiting the planes, because so many folks bring their roller bags onto tiny planes knowing the airline will check them at the gate for free. As a result the ramp from the plane to the airport is blocked with all those folks waiting for their bags to be returned. My favorite airline is Southwest--no baggage fees and more legroom, plus everyone on board seems to be in a better mood. Unfortunately they do not fly to most of the places I visit.