Monday, November 8, 2010

It Snowed

So it snowed.  Bigtime.  We got 24.4" of snow in about 24 hours, with 1.47" of water.  I'd estimate it has a recurrence frequency of about a year.  Winter was a bit late to start.  As usual, when it's slow to start, when things crank up they crank up in a big way.  Although temps were 29-31F during the event, it was fairly low density.  Lots of cars stuck in Girdwood, and as usual lots of rollovers in Anchorage.  I hope everyone has their studs on by now.  Snow depth at the top of Alyeska is 75-80" now, and ski patrol is out getting things ready for opening on the 24th.  For those of you who don't know, I live in Girdwood which is where Alyeska ski resort is located.

I tried out some new skis tonight around the neighborhood and was pretty happy with them.  They are kind of a hybrid between alpine (downhill) skis and cross country skis.  Basically, they're waxless heavy-duty cross country skis with a metal edge.  I plan to use them for meadering off-trail through the gentle woods or for the steeper cross country ski trails, but not for downhill skiing at the resort.  I went up a hill in the neighborhood with ease, and then back down, turning or snowplowing.  You can see the skis up against the house in the pic below.

I don't think the Davis Weather Station is measuring water anymore. :)

I don't know if Nimbo can get in the doghouse anymore.

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